monday inspiration for moms

Happy Monday friends! One of the reasons I decided to start this series is because Mondays are dreaded by many people and I honestly think they get a bad rap. Now don't turn away yet because I too used to slam Mondays. But now? I see them as a fresh start. A fresh slate wiped clean, open for possibilities and a good day to BEGIN pursuing your goals and not just keep saying "someday".

This week I chose this quote

So what exactly does this look or sound like?

It looks + sounds like:

saying I love you to your husband more
sneaking little notes in his bag before he leaves or sending him emails with words of encouragement 
giving him a few back rubs this week if physical touch is his love language
having a plan for the week as a mom + wife
carving time for yourself to pursue what make you happy

It means asking Him for help so you don't raise your voice or get discontent. It means having a simple goal for each day and accomplishing it not perfecting it. "I will make sure to do one load of laundry all the way from washing to putting away today....". It means pushing yourself when exercising or to not have that extra cookie.

These are a few ways you can love, speak and live with intention. Focus on intentionally doing something this week, so tell me..

What does it mean for you?