monday inspiration for moms

We had an amazing weekend and I am a little sad to see it close but excited for the week ahead! We have so many things happening in the future and it has made me stop and think about this quote for the week:

Sometimes I get so wrapped up in seeing the future goal ahead of me, I forget to slow down. Enjoy the lazy mornings laying in bed, enjoy the constant flow of questions Ben is asking at the moment, enjoy Ian learning to count and ask questions himself. At times I can get into the "go, go, go!" thought process and I will forget to STOP. 

Look, listen and enjoy the little moments. The little gestures and smiles from Josh. The little hands and eyes watching me work and wanting to help. I forget to sometimes let them try and not rush through a certain process whether it be cleaning the table and they want to help or making dinner. 

What little moments or things do you think you are forgetting to see that you can begin to notice more? 

I am going to work on noticing those little things this week and realize they can become big things later! Even when you don't realize it.