Friday, July 18, 2014

odds and ends

This summer has been one of growth, freedom and abiding. I have realized to abide and to have rest I don't need to go on vacation. I just need to learn to slow down, look at the path ahead of me, learn to say no more and make a list of what I do and what I don't do.

- The boys have been enjoying this summer and all the outdoor activities we have been able to do since we were isolated inside most of the winter. 

- We enjoyed a Happy Independence Day in D.C.. Soaking up time with friends and family and enjoying all the history that was near us. We even got to sneak away for a bit apart from the boys and take a nice walk near the memorials. 

- The blog got a mini facelift! What do you think?

- When I began to diligently set apart a time each morning (or during naptime) to spend with Jesus, I have to be honest. It was hard to do at first but the more I disciplined myself to write in my journal, write my prayers, read the Bible and soak in the time I learned some valuable lessons and He spoke to me so clearly. I have kept a journal now since April (longest ever) and I am so happy to look back now at certain times and my prayers and to see how He answered.

- My brother is getting married in a few weeks! When he sent me the song his soon to be wife was going to walk down the aisle to I started to shed a few tears. They were tears of happiness and also a little sadness because our Mom will not be there. I know how he feels because I went through it for my wedding and I know she would be so proud of him and she would love Emily. 
Some posts I have read lately that I have loved and been encouraged with are: 

thoughts on tidiness from Rachael. This woman is absolutely encouraging, real and I am always inspired by her posts. 

what makes you come alive? from Jessi at Naptime Diaries. I hope to one day meet Jessi and give her a hug. She makes me want to always push for my passions with Jesus. 

These banana muffins look absolutely amazing! 

scheduling meetings for your marriage from Allie at The Purposeful Housewife. Yes a thousand times. 

Thrive Moms is hosting a summer challenge of Healthy Body + Strong Spirit. Go check it out! 

So that is about it for now! I want to know the odds and ends happening in your home and life! 

So tell me friend,
how is your summer going? 


  1. Maybe it's because of the long cold winter but we're really enjoying this summer too. Slowing down is so hard sometimes isn't it... but so refreshing! Looks like you are having an awesome summer!


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