homeschool curriculum 2014

I am excited to share with you our curriculum for this next year. First a little backdrop. Josh and I were both home schooled (that is how we met when I was 12 and he was 16) and we both had good experiences with homeschooling. When we were dating early on we talked about if we ever did get married I would like to stay home and homeschool our kids, it was never a question to us I guess if we would or wouldn't do it.

Ben is starting Pre-K on Monday. He is excited and he really enjoys learning.

We looked around at a few curriculums and I kept coming back to this certain one. I loved the simplicity in the books and I was surprised to see how much they truly cover in each book.

Our curriculum plan this year is:

Rod and Staff ABC series + GHI series
This series has a total of 10 books plus a Bible stories to read and draw. We will be doing about 2-3 pages per day. There are about 64 pages per book and it is meant to last a typical school year. I am excited to see how this goes and hopefully be using it also for when Ian is Pre-K.

Alpha-Phonics {Learn to Read}
We tried the 100 easy lessons book this past spring and Ben did not enjoy the book one bit. Yet, he still is so wishing he could read! He loves books and I am sure he will be encouraged by the pace this book takes. You start reading simple words in lesson one!

For writing I will be helping him basically look at his favorite book and write a few sentences out from it each day. It will get him used to seeing and spelling words and also early stages of formatting a sentence with periods, commas, etc.

Bible/Reading Time
For our reading time we will still go to the library once a week and read the books we choose but we also will be going through the Miller series. It consists of 6 books and I am buying one at a time on Amazon. We will also be memorizing a verse every two weeks I believe, still figuring out how to do this.

Ben will also be involved in swimming this fall and possibly this spring unless he decides to try baseball. We also go to my bible study every other week and he gets to hang out with his little friends during this time.

If you have ever thought about homeschooling, I highly recommend praying and considering if it is what you are supposed to do. It truly is not overwhelming, your child will still have many socializing opportunities and you both will learn together.

What are your school plans this year?