blog tour

When I first started blogging one of the first mom bloggers I connected with and became Facebook friends with was Paula at Beauty Through Imperfection. We had both started blogging about similar topics around the same time so it was fun to connect and share stories together.

Paula invited me to join in the blog tour and I was excited to collaborate with her on an opportunity to highlight bloggers I know of and here of others. I thought you would also love to hear of some of my favorites.

Paula is a mom of two little ones and she blogs about marriage, parenting and life with all of it's imperfections.

She has an amazing series on her blog called Confessions of an imperfect mother and it has 41 posts so far! Definitely worth checking out.

She also wrote a book about thriving through the transitions of adding another baby to the family. 

I have been asked a few questions for the blog tour.

What am I working on right now? I am currently working on some mini series posts for the blog that my readers have asked about and also hopefully another ebook! 

How does my work differ from others in this genre? I don't do this for a job but as an encouragement outlet for myself and for others who are hopefully in the same boat! I write when I am inspired and feel I need to share about a certain topic and I share my honest opinions and my journey for authentic motherhood with two boys. 

Why do I write/create what I do? I have always had a love for writing and I am a natural encourager so it seemed to fit to start a blog and share with moms who are also in the midst of mothering, homemaking and teaching. I am an introvert and so speaking in front of others in just plain nerve-racking to even think about. Yet, sitting alone while music plays and writing in a journal or on my computer fits me perfectly. Also jotting down ideas suddenly at the park or while out with my family is a natural part of how I am inspired with ideas and thoughts I want to share here. 

How does my writing/ creative process work? I try to write every day even if it doesn't go to the blog. Writing is my outlet to be creative, to think through ideas, passions and goals. I love a pen and a pretty journal and I also love the tapping of keys on my computer. 

A few of my favorite bloggers that I hope you will enjoy too! 

Allie is a wife, mom who shares the messy, funny and beauty of real everyday life. She knows how to tell it like it is, reboot your mama blues and reach out to you with grace. She always will point you to Jesus and purpose and I love that about her. Plus she has the cutest kiddos and baby bump.

Check out her latest series called Bumpin' Style.  Also these:  homemade laundry detergent and hair tutorial. 

So go follow her on Facebook and grab her ebook too! 

I have always loved and been inspired by how Mandy truly makes homemaking about serving your family with your heart and time. She is inspiring with her everyday homemaking hacks, thrifting with style and teaching all of her kiddos at home. 

You can check out some of her popular posts like: When you feel weary and 31 days of thrifting.  

Go follow her on Facebook 

I hope you find encouragement from these women and their blogs and tell me, 
what are some of your favorite blogs? 

I am always looking for new ones!