Monday, September 1, 2014

monday inspiration for moms

I'm excited to finally be back and I have some wild and exciting adventures planned for this blog in the next few months. I will be sharing more this month. We are currently in the midst of packing this week and moving this weekend. I delayed packing and dejunking until the last week. 

Partially because I didn't want to stare at boxes for weeks and also because I think it will be easier to say no to keeping certain items. We currently live in a 3rd floor apartment so thinking of carrying each box down 3 flights of stairs makes it more motivating to not keep as much. 

Soon after Ben was born I read The Art of Simple blog (formerly Simple Mom) and was inspired to living simply and taking time to pour our money, time and talents into friendships, vacations together and family time. It has been so beneficial to be on this journey and I can't wait to share more on how we do it. (hint hint). 

Now onto monday inspiration! 

I started Monday Inspiration because Monday's should be celebrated and not dismissed by 8am as a doom day. So will you join me and share these inspirations with friends? 

This week:

First I have to say, please go buy this book and read it. You won't regret it and it truly is a life-changer. This book spoke volumes to me and I know it will to you. 

I sometimes overwhelm our schedule trying to do it all. Trying to be wonder woman and all it does is it leaves me worn, tired and possibly bruised. I want to keep the home clean, volunteer for all things, keep the kids in clean clothes for 5 minutes, date my husband, coffee dates with friends, time to write and read, cook like Martha Stewart, not raise my voice.... ok, just telling you tires me out. 

But I am guessing you understand what I'm saying. Sometimes we need to stop overwhelming our schedules & souls and learn to only do our best yeses. 

Stop the rhythm of rush and find the rhythm of your best yes. Find the rhythm of the best of who you are emerge and soak up each part of your life. 

I am a peacemaker and people-pleaser. I can't say no, but I am beginning to learn to because I want to save my yeses for the best yes. I never understood the reaction (silly me) of saying yes to one thing means you are saying no to something else and possibly something that is meant to be your best yes. 

In the past I would quickly give an answer to a question or opportunity but lately I have been thinking and praying, "is this my best yes? is this possible? what will I be saying no to if I do this?, etc. This book has truly reshaped how I answer and respond now to others and myself. 

Learning to slow down and take a schedule that has blocks of freedom and clarity are a mandatory now. Learning to unrush so Jesus can quickly rush in and show me where my best yes lays is more worth it than being tired, grumpy and worn out. 

So tell me, what do you need to slow down this week? 
What do you need to clear from your schedule to allow moments and time for your best yes and for your best to emerge? 

I am saying yes to time spent with my boys and not hyper focused on a spotless home. I am saying yes to dating my husband and not signing up for opportunities that will take me away from that time with him.


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