October Goals

I saw a quote last week mentioning how autumn is like a second spring because every leaf is a flower. I love fall and everything it comes with. Changing of leaves, windy days, apple pickin', festivals and warm crockpot meals consistently happening each week.

I am excited to also be celebrating Ben turning 5 this month. How has it really been five years since my little lion came roaring out of my belly and ready to tackle the world? Well before I get too sappy too early...

A look back on September Goals: 

1. Unpack and settle in
I finished unpacking the first week we were here. This new rental is really looking and feeling like home and we love the small town.

2. Begin Savings
We have slowly begun and made some headway. Little progress is always something.

3. Read a chapter book with boys
Although we have read countless other books, this didn't happen.

4. Crochet 
Nope, sadly.

5. Begin Fall Blog Calendar
I did! I also launched this blog and announced a sneak peek at my topic for October.

Moving on to October:

1. Finish Blogging series 
I hope to finish my 31 day series this month completely and not get halfway through and tamper off.

2. Celebrate Ben's 5th birthday
I haven't decided what to do for his birthday but since it's a few weeks away now I need to start planning.

3. Date Night
We have a couples date night scheduled this month and I am really looking forward to it.

4. Finish 3 books
I want to finish reading 3 books this month.

I am keeping it simple this month with 4 goals. You can too with even just 1 or 2! Linking up with Hayley with Goals with Grace.

What are your goals for October?