Thursday, September 4, 2014

September Goals

September slowly came around and I am so glad to see it is one full of change, slowing down and white space. After reading The Best Yes, I find myself constantly asking and saying "Lord, unrush me". I want to soak up moments and not things or time.

A look back on August:

Begin Packing We move tomorrow and we are finishing today. I can't believe we will be in our new home tomorrow night!

Brother/Sister Outing First, my brother's wedding was absolutely beautiful and I couldn't hold back the tears when doing a toast. Both of them make me so happy and proud. Finally, Caleb and I went together the night before he got hitched and we got matching tattoos! We have talked about it for probably 3 years. I was surprised because I thought my foot would hurt more than my wrist but it didn't.

The quote that goes with this sailboat is a quote from our favorite movie/book Little Women.

"I am not afraid of storms, for I am learning how to sail my ship."

We watch this movie together every Christmas and the quote fit how many turns and twists our relationship and lives have been on in the past few years. It just fit.

Read 3 books I finished 4 books! I couldn't believe it. I think I devoured 2 in one week and the other 2 over the rest of the month.

Take a family walk We have been doing this. I have even taken the boys during the day a few times and it has been so nice to walk and enjoy the last bit of summer.

Put fresh flowers on table each week I did it! Let me say it definitely helped keep the table wiped down and clean more.

Buy some candles I technically did this on Labor Day the 1st, does it count? We went to Yankee Candle and took advantage of their sale.

Now onto September:

1. Unpack and settle in
I am going to take this month to unpack, organize and figure out what will look good where. I never know where to put the silverware or dishes when setting up the kitchen so I went to the library and picked up this book. After a few pages in I went ahead and ordered a copy on Amazon. Love it.

2. Begin Savings
We are making the big move next September! We are now counting down the MONTHS instead of years. I can't believe it. Which means it is time to put away money each month for the move.

3. Read a chapter book with boys
I am going to begin reading to them each day (haven't picked the perfect time yet) and would love some ideas of books you have loved reading to your kids.

4. Crochet 
I have a blanket I need to finish. Hoping to make some headway this month.

5. Begin Fall Blog Calendar 
I need to sit down one evening and look over my posts scheduled for the fall and *hopefully* for the 31 days series.

What goals do you have for September?


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