Wednesday, September 24, 2014

the confession {book review}

I have read each of Robert Whitlow's books and I always anticipate the latest one to hit the bookstores. I love how suspenseful, intriguing storylines and how it draws you in each time to a new challenge and redemptions it shows too.


Assistant DA Holt Douglas has made a career of getting confessions from criminals. With a confession in hand, he knows a guilty plea is soon to follow. In the midst of professional success, Holt is haunted by a secret- a lie he buried in the grave of his best friend. Holt's crime is hidden from all eyes- family, friends, police and his soon to be fiance'.

But the truth has a way of coming back to life. With obsessive prosecutorial zeal, Holt reopens a cold case involving the death of the town's wealthiest citizen. The man's death was ruled a suicide, but Holt suspects murder. Facing fierce opposition, he is determined to expose the killer. Holt slowly begins to unravel the facys and comes face to face with his own guilty conscience.....

Definitely a good thriller with a light shining on God's forgiveness tied into it. Let me know what you think of it. 


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