comfortable in your own skin {Day 1}

I am so passionate about helping introverts and especially those who don't feel comfortable as an introvert and  those learning to voice their opinions and living passionately for what they love. So your first question is probably...

What's in Store?

I know I didn't pick a typical topic but I did pick one that I really know. Since I am an introvert and in many ways I have conquered being comfortable as an introvert, I want to encourage and inspire you as a fellow introvert. I want to share with you this month about:

in the church
for the extreme introvert
tips to help your day
how to make some noise as an introvert
and more!

Now you extroverts, don't turn away so quickly you will learn some valuable tips here and I will even have my husband's point of view at some point during the month! I'm excited to share with you a part of my heart and encourage and empower you to live in an extroverted world.

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I am so excited for you to join me each morning right here and I hope you aren't too shy to join in the comments, just so I don't think I am talking to myself ;).

What questions would you want answered this month? 

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This is the first post in a 31 day series in October about being comfortable in your own skin as an introvert.