good news for weary women {book review}

I am always drawn to the cover of a book before the title, strangely. I love the cover of this book and saw it floating around on Instagram ,Twitter and then I jumped at the chance to read it since it came so highly recommended.

Maybe it's because I could never get into this one book of hers, maybe I am not weary enough, and maybe a little has to do with I don't agree with a few of her points. Sadly, I didn't enjoy the book and I wish I could say I did.

Here is a summary of what it's about:

Are you exhausted? Women today really do feel the weight of the world on their shoulders. Every morning we are greeted with a long list of to-dos: get the kids up and out the door on time, have a meaningful quiet time, put in a full day at the office, spend an hour at the gym, prepare a healthy and delicious meal (organic and locally grown, of course) and make sure the sink sparkles before you go to bed. Oh, and don't forget to look great and smile while you're doing it. 

These are all good things to do, of course. But the bigger problem occurs when we start to feel as if our worth is measured by our to-do lists. And the messages we receive at church, on Facebook and from the media only perpetuate these unrealistic expectations, creating a relentless cycle of exhaustion...Elyse has good news for women everywhere: there is hope! God doesn't judge us by our to-do lists. Instead, He calls us to faith. Free yourself today from the endless stream of bad advice and discover the true rest God offers. 

I had really hoped to enjoy the book but I sometimes felt more disappointed in myself and didn't feel like some of her points were backed up with Scripture.

If you loved the book, I would love to hear your thoughts!

Thank you to Tyndale Blog Network for a copy of the book to review. This review and words are my own.