Monday, October 6, 2014

helpful resources for introverts {day 6}

To begin this week I decided to share some of my favorite resources as an introvert. These are either fellow introverts, inspiring bloggers/speakers/writers or books I have felt help me be comfortable in my own skin. Happy Monday friends!

Quiet by Susan Cain 
This book was really encouraging. I found it gave solid background information about introverts (and extroverts a bit too) and I thoroughly enjoyed the first half of it. I gave it 3 out of 5 stars on Goodreads because the 2nd half didn't interest me as much.

Emily Freeman 
I absolutely love her blog and this book of hers is inspiring and refreshing. A must follow of a fellow introvert but with solid social skills and she is always encouraging.

Lindsey Kubly
A fellow introvert who has a blog, an ebook  and has taught a class for introverts. I have learned a lot from her and it is also fun to follow her instagram.

Anne Bogel
For one, she is a fellow bookworm and lover of many novels (who also home schools) and two she occasionally shares posts about introverts and how to be comfortable as an introvert which I love.

Amy Cuddy
Her TED talk about body language is an eye opener.

Smart Women know when to say no 
I have trouble overfilling my schedule sometimes and this book has some helpful tips!

The Best Yes
If I could recommend this book over and over and buy each of you a copy, I would. So please borrow one, buy one, find this and read.

What resources have you found helpful as an introvert?

This is the sixth post in a 31 day series in October about being comfortable in your own skin as an introvert. 


  1. Can't wait to check these out! I'm familiar with Lindsey, and have been wanting to read The Best Yes!

  2. Thanks for the recommendations. I've never heard of several of these. Can't wait to check them out.

  3. Great resources! I'm always giving Quiet away.

  4. oh I love this post! I cant wait to check all these out! :-) such a great series you're doing!


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