introverts in marriage {day 13}

As they say for many relationships, opposites attract. It is truly a real thing in my relationship with Josh. We married young and it is something I have always loved about our story and marriage. Some people still look at us today and sometimes are surprised at how well we do together since we are different in many ways.

I'm quiet, he is talkative. 
I naturally have a quiet voice, he has a naturally loud voice. 
He really enjoys active sports, I enjoy some but not as much. 
He embraces changes more than I do. 
He can get a crowd laughing in under 2 minutes, I might take an hour. 
He is an extrovert, I'm an introvert.

Our differences have brought us closer together because we both love adventures and are passionate in our own ways that we have both come to love what the other person likes to do. Josh never understood the thrill of writing and having a blog but now that he has one (and has written an ebook) he understands more. I enjoy watching him golf and see how excited and happy he is while playing. 

Our first year of marriage was difficult. We had to both learn and grow together.  I am still learning more about Josh each year and I hope I continue too because that is what a relationship is for, especially a marriage. 

These are a few tips we have learned in our marriage and especially as an introvert for me!

set up boundaries. 
If I am going to enjoy a date night with him, I need to recharge at home first. With peace & quiet. So I have learned not to over schedule myself. If I plan a date night on Friday night, I plan on nothing big happening on Saturday with friends. It gives me time to rest and enjoy an easy day at home.

stick together. 
When we go to a party, movies or a busy outing I will do my best to stick close to Josh. It might just be me but I feel energized next to him than if by myself in the crowd.

Even though it would be a pretty awesome trait to read minds, your husband can't. So just communicate with him, if you are out at a party and are getting tired, make a silent code word or squeeze of the hand to let him know you are tired and ready to go. Instead of becoming snappy and short and causing a fight in the car ride home.

quality time. 
I love recharging in the evening by reading a book with Josh or watching a show or two of our current tv series (which currently is Gilmore Girls, Dr. Quinn and Once Upon a Time). Since we got married we have chosen a show together to go through and watch as a time to cuddle and spend quality time together in the evenings. Occasionally we will play a game but I love sitting on the couch, munching on a snack and not talking but laughing with him. My favorite moments.

When married to the opposite it can sometimes feel intimidating to feel comfortable as an introvert. But realize that you both have so many passions, interests and unique ideas to bring to the relationship that it makes it all the more fun and engaging. 

What have you noticed works in your marriage as an introvert?

This is the thirteenth post in a 31 day series in October about being comfortable in your own skin as an introvert.