reaching out as an introvert pt. 2 {day 8}

As I shared a little bit of my story yesterday I left you with one of the tips to reach out as an introvert. Making contact is certainly a given for reaching out but as introverts it actually can be one of the most difficult for us to do. So don't take it lightly and please don't stress about it either.

Just pick one woman you know you would like to get to know or a friend you haven't talked to in a bit and begin there. Start there.

As for the next tip....

Be Persistent. 

This one can come easily to us as introverts because we naturally have that attribute. We are observers. We are listeners. 

So when finding that community of friends you need to be persistent. You need to reach out to your friend (or a new friend you want to get to know) and offer to bring a coffee. She might refuse but you text her on your way to the coffee shop, "Hey I'm going by "name of place" and am in the area, what kind of drink would you like?". If she kindly rejects just tell her you will pick a drink for her and bring it by :). Persistence. 

If you know of a new mama who needs a few winks, ask if you can take her child to a local park or come over and let her go lay down for a bit to rest. 

Start building a community full of grace, laughter, beauty, messes and intentional friendship. I know sometimes making contact or being persistent can seem difficult or intimidating but where will you be if you don't? At home. on your couch. Wishing. Hoping. 

STOP. stop wishing and hoping. Just reach out a little bit. Pray for Jesus to show you someone who would make a good friend. Invite her over for lunch after church. Invite the whole family so you can slowly begin to be comfortable in your own skin around her. 

Would you pick one friend this week? 
What will you do? 

This is the eighth post in a 31 day series in October about being comfortable in your own skin as an introvert.