reaching out as an introvert pt. 3 {day 10}

I have four more very helpful tips for reaching out as an introvert to share this week. If you didn't catch the first and second, I hope you can go back and read them. Each one of these are hopefully encouraging you and helping you see how you can reach out to others even as an introvert.

Default Mode
Staying home can become a default mode for you. You feel safe, comfortable and you are surrounded by people who you can be silly, free, relaxed and serious with. 
When I had Ben (my firstborn) I found I slipped into this mode very quickly the first few months. I would stay home unless I ventured out with my husband for a bite to eat and to the store. I wouldn't connect with other moms or friends. I became lonely and anxiety set in as a new mom without that community surrounding me. 
I didn't make that mistake once Ian was born. I was out visiting at parties and playdates when he was 10 days old. 
So if you are a first time mom, mom of many or a woman who isn't comfortable in her own skin, please get those moments to be with other moms or a friend or two. It is so good to do and it truly is so nice to speak life over each other. 

Find your passion 
What makes your soul happy? Do you enjoy crafty things? Crocheting? Writing? Cooking? Find a passion and push yourself in that passion. 
If you enjoy writing but don't want to start a blog or book, write snail mail to friends. Pick cute cards out and have a station at home to write to friends and family. 
If you enjoy cooking, make a meal for a local neighbor, friend or family member.
If you enjoy being outdoors, grab that stroller or baby carrier and go! To be able to reach out to others we need to have a passion so that we can find even closer connections that will relate in that area with us. 

What makes your soul happy? 
Do you find that staying home becomes a default mode sometimes?

This is the tenth post in a 31 day series in October about being comfortable in your own skin as an introvert.