the hardest peace {book review}

"expecting grace in the midst of life's hard" 

This subtitle caught my eye and it swept me back almost 8 years ago to when my Mom was battling the fight of her life, cancer. So many if only's go through my mind and I wish's too. 

But the one thing that stands out the most is the peace she had while battling cancer stage III. I do wish this book was around then for encouragement for her and our family. 

Kara is still battling cancer but she is doing it with grace, beauty and the sweetest personality I have ever seen on someone with these circumstances. This book was an eye opener, it made me laugh and yes I did cry too. 

It is a lesson to learn to move from fear and control to peace and grace.  She will encourage you to love the moments you have and to let go of all the rest and to truly just trust Him. 

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I received a copy of this book from Propeller Consulting LLC for a post and my honest opinion.