weekly and daily rhythms {day 9}

As an introvert I need quiet and peace semi frequently. I need time to refresh and think. I have found that even being home with two kiddos, homeschooling and talking constantly throughout the day can be tiring as an introvert. For me I get tired after talking for awhile, some extroverts excel at this and can talk for hours (they also need those moments of peace and quiet but not as often).

I love being a mom and wife and staying at home. But it truly is important to have self care in the midst of it all.

Weekly Rhythms 

take a walk
watch a movie
call or message a close friend
listen to music
go to the gym 
go for a drive 
take a bath 
spend 10 minutes quietly sitting 
pick up a hobby (that is peaceful)

If you still have the naptime for your little one (or more!) I highly recommend taking an hour or even a half hour to enjoy the peace and quiet and not rush around to clean up or catch up on endless laundry. Remember- this season is only here for a short time and your self care is important to keep on loving and training those given to you to be a mom to.

Daily Rhythms 

Tackle one task at a time. 
Don't become overwhelmed. Focus on one task at a time. For a cleaning schedule I follow Clean Mama . At first it took a bit to catch up and clean a certain area each day but after 2 weeks it will become a normal rhythm and now I look forward to cleaning the bathrooms on Monday. When we are working on school we don't focus on anything else. That is the main task at hand, with breaks in between to run around or jump up and down.

Refuse to make hasty decisions. 
Don't be pressured into saying yes. This is especially something I will touch on later on when it comes to your home church. If someone is calling let them leave a message, listen and call back later when you have the answer you feel is right. Don't be put on the spot.

We are uniquely skilled in listening, creating and problem-solving--when we have the time to think, wonder, imagine, be creative and THEN speak.

This is the ninth post in a 31 day series in October about being comfortable in your own skin as an introvert.