monday inspiration for moms

The holidays are looming near us and with it sometimes comes the frustration of finances, mommy guilt and not feeling "good enough" but can I just say, that's all false. Don't buy into it.

You are enough. Toss the mommy guilt and doubtful feelings aside. 

Remember the true meaning of Christmas. Don't feel you need to buy a gift for every person you know. It can add up and it's difficult. Start by making a list before you hit the stores on Black Friday. Get creative, shop local small businesses or support online stores. 

I want to inspire and encourage you this week with this truth: 

You might not think cleaning those dishes each day, wiping little fingers multiple times, fixing a creative or simple lunch each day is meaningful or His work but guess what? It is. 

You are enough, you are doing a good work momma. He doesn't measure how much you make or your status as a means of your love for Him. He is watching your heart in the work, your teachable spirit, your loving hand to others. 

Being a stay at home mom sometimes comes with this "shhh..don't say what my title is." But we should proclaim it proudly because the work we do at home, cleaning our homes, teaching, loving and training our little ones is so worth it and is the real deal. 

So go this week- 

while washing those dishes, sing a praise song- this is my go to CD for cleaning my home. 

while loving and teaching your little ones, be grateful to be raising future leaders and warriors for Him. 

What do you enjoy about being a SAHM?