November Goals

I have been sharing monthly goals on my blog for a year now with Hayley.  It has been a great way for me to focus on a few things each month and do them well.

A look back at last month: 

Finish Blogging series- I want to duck and cover my head, this month got away from me and..I didn't finish. whoops! But I will continue to share the series over the next few months.

Celebrate Ben's 5th birthday- His birthday was so nice, stress-free and fun! We enjoyed shopping, breakfast at his pick (Roy Rogers) and a nice birthday dinner celebration with family in the evening. No pinterest inspiration, no pressure to do better than the last, unashamed motherhood and purely messy.

Date Night- We enjoyed a couple's date night with two other good couples. Between the beautiful dining room display, comfort food and my abs hurting the next day from laughing so hard it was a good evening.

Finish 3 books- I believe I finished 4 books this month. It was nice to catch up on some reading.


Lose 4 pounds- Since last year I have lost 35 pounds and without a thyroid that is a good, steady drop. I have been struggling the past few months with losing this last 15-18 pounds but I am determined to lose at least 9 before Christmas. It's my goal. So hide the Halloween candy (especially the Reese's cups) and no drive thru Starbucks and I should be on track!

Date Night- Can I just say this is my favorite time of year, I love the movies that come out. I love a good movie date and I only will go if it is a must see. So Kirk Cameron's movie and the next Hunger Games is a must see, that is all.

Christmas shopping- I am contemplating shopping on Black Friday. I also have a few shops online I would like to hit up (hopefully if they have Christmas sales) this month.

Drink Water. So you know how they say when you are pregnant (I'm not) you should drink 2x what you usually drink? Well, I recently read that if you had a thyroid removal you should be drinking about 2-3x more than the normal amount, especially if wanting to lose weight. So I do drink quite a bit already (I cut soda out about 2 years ago) and am working to slowly bring it up.

I have been sticking to 4 goals a month now for a few months and I have noticed when I do it is a more focused, encouraging and exciting month with no more than that.

What are your goals this month?