odds and ends

Fall has become a time for me to stretch open wide and dig in deep. I opened up an adventure of beginning a new blog but it ended with me closing it up a month later because- simply put? I missed this space and surprisingly didn't feel comfortable at the other space.

I felt unsure, unready and hopeless. Maybe it just wasn't the right time or right at all but all I know is when I am here at Grateful with Two I feel at home, inspired, encouraged and hopeful.

So I hope when you come here to this little space you feel all those too.

- We enjoyed Halloween as a family and I loved seeing how excited the boys were going door to door. The streets were safe because Captain America and Buzz Lightyear were patrolling.

- Currently our future in Josh's job is open and unsure. His company is closing December 5th and he has been energetically looking for a new job. We are very hopeful and know our future is in His hands but we also have some nervousness wrapped in it. Josh has been so amazing on how tirelessly he has been working to find a new job opportunity.

- Have I mentioned how much I love our small town? One light in town, it's quiet, people will stand outside and chat without time getting in the way.. plus? We just got a coffee shop exactly a .4 mile walk away.

- I recently found Spotify and fell. in. love. That is all.

- I am loving the hospitality series over on She Reads Truth and am soaking up His Word.

reading online lately: 

I sat down. I dug in.  A breath of fresh air especially for new moms!

When you finally listen to the nudge  They both listened to it and I can't wait to watch it grow! God has big plans for this couple.

The difficult one "I will happily take the good with the bad." Yes, me too.

bible reading for the modern woman  I currently do #2 but would love to here what you do!

Thrive Moms is hosting a fall retreat THIS weekend! Check it out

So tell me friend, 
how is your fall going?