december goals

One of my favorite monthly link ups is with Hayley because it is a great way to meet others, set good goals and follow through!

You can see last month's goals here.

C.S. Lewis said:
"you are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream."

So set a goal (or two!) for this month. Post it on your instagram, facebook or in the comments here. Even if it's small, it matters. 

My goals for December: 

drink more water
celebrate advent with the boys and Josh
lose 4 pounds 
Finish shopping for meaningful gifts for family & friends 
send out Christmas cards 
work on project (more to come in January!)

Wrapping up 2014 and I am so looking forward to 2015 and also beginning my Power Sheets for the first time. 

So, what are your goals?