Friday, December 12, 2014

Five Things On Friday

In Our Home we are all decorated for Christmas and have been intentional on our Jesus Storybook Bible devotions that lead up to Jesus' birth. We recently did a mini update in the boy's room this past week with new toddler beds and we even bought ourselves an updated mattress and pretty but simple bed frame. All from Amazon, it's true. 

Reading Love, Skip, Jump and then going to dig into this one next possibly, or this. I have been inspired and encouraged by Shelene's words and it has even given me the push to begin something big for 2015 that I have been hesitant to start for awhile. More to come in the next few months. 

Boy Quote of the Week while out shopping one night after picking Josh up from work, I saw a big puddle and decided to go through it (boy mom-you understand)...Ben couldn't contain his excitement and said "WOW! that was so cool, thanks Mom!". 

Awaiting Ian's birthday on Sunday, he will be three and has been asking for a "Big Buzz" since he already has a small Buzz. Also excited to do our tradition to go see local Christmas Lights this weekend with a new little twist.  

Remembering what Rachael spoke last month on the Holidays and I have been saying each day "I will have peace in this home" and being intentional with our time together and with others. 

How is your Friday? 


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