Sunday, December 14, 2014

Ian Turns Three

Our teddy bear of a boy came quietly into our lives today 3 years ago. I honestly mean quietly because he didn't make a sound when he came out except a little whimper. He was big and a surprise baby too. Although he was a surprise, Jesus sent him at the right time to our family. He fit in perfectly and Benjamin became the protective older brother who only allowed himself to do the teasing.

Watching their brotherhood bond form over the last few years has been so sweet and endearing to witness and we have been given many compliments over the years about it.

Ian finished our puzzle of a family of four. He brings laughter everywhere he goes and is soft spoken when around others but at home he loves to run, laugh constantly and play the same knock knock joke that consists of "pizza, Uncle Kevin and coke." 

He decided to become potty trained all on his own this year, learn his alphabet, some colors and shapes and learning to count to 10 (he could do past that but they become a bit mixed up).

He loves to talk when at home even though sometimes we can't understand him. He has even started to make complete sentences!

We are celebrating today with a simple family birthday party and his choice of where to go for breakfast. Happy Birthday Ian, we love you!


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