Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Pointing Back To Him

This year was so good to me. I am marking it in the books as one of my best years. I went into 2014 with a renewed mind and fresh ideas waiting to write and to happen and Josh had a few months under his belt at his new job.

Caleb, my brother, asked his then girlfriend the big question and they were engaged on the same day (unknown to them) as Josh and I were engaged 6 years before. Funny how God works in the little moments.

I nervously tried new dishes and explored my kitchen more and found out I can actually bake without harming anyone. I found out how painful a sprain can actually be but it taught me to slow down, trust more and to take deep breaths often.

Turning 25 brought a few tears because of not having my Marmee beside me celebrating but I made a list of 25 facts & things I have learned. Our family found essential oils and began our journey.

We took a few day trips to Richmond to visit Caleb and Emily and the highlight was our August weekend trip to celebrate their wedding. Josh and I both gave toasts but I could only make it through half of mine before crying tears of joy and a bit of sadness. Josh being my best friend and strong rock finished it for me.

Caleb and I finally went in and got our tattoos together of a sailboat to go with a quote from our favorite movie Little Women stating "I am not afraid of storms for I am learning how to sail my ship".

I accidentally gave a nod to my hairstylist and walked out with almost 5 inches or so cut off but it ended up being even better when it grew out more healthy and fresh. We celebrated six years of marriage and adventures with a family dinner out and many kisses and hugs. Being bold and ready for another adventure we moved out to the country to a townhouse in a small town with one light.

Ben turned five and Ian turned three. We took it simple and small this year with parties and it ended up being a highlight of the year for us all. Josh was told this past fall he was being let go and two months later landed a job about .3 mile from his former job. God works in ALL things.

Through the many adventures, mistakes and celebrations it all kept pointing to my word for 2014 which was FREE. 

In the end it all was pointing to Jesus and to my verse of the year in Galatians--

"It is for freedom that Christ has set us free...."

Happy New Year friends!!

Picture taken by: Eternite Photography 


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