Monday, January 12, 2015

A Lasting Marriage Goal

This is the month we loudly proclaim our goals. Goals to read more of His Word. Goals to eat better and work on being more active. To slow down and enjoy the moments. To soak it in.

There is one area I highly encourage you to sit down and write down what you can do to dig deeper into it. Your marriage. 

Ask these questions:

What can I do each day, 
week & month 
to dig deeper and grow my relationship with my husband? 

Sometimes we push this to the bottom of the pile. We put our children, our home and work on top and sometimes forget to stop. Look and see what we can do to love and encourage the man in our home. The one who first swept you off your feet. 

Let's make it a goal to still get butterflies inside and pause for a moment when he calls instead of sighing and quickly answering the phone while the kiddos are noisily playing beside you or water is running while cleaning the dishes. Trust me when I say he would much rather be at home with you than many miles (or farther) away at work. 

Let's make it a goal to stop when he comes home and greet him with a hug and kiss. A good one too. 

Let's make it a goal to truly see his love language and respond in ways he will feel loved, respected and encouraged. 

Sit down first week of each month and plan that monthly date night. Even if it consists of a coffee date, redbox movie night at home or swapping date nights with friends. Make IT happen friends. 

Ask him what will make his weekends with his family more enjoyable if he has it off. I did the beginning of this month and this past weekend Josh kept saying this was the best weekend he has had in awhile. He didn't need to rush, he could laugh, he could relax, he could soak it all in. 

Make it a priority to let him have a mini monthly guy's night. Whether it be golfing, a day to himself or spending it with a friend. Let him choose but schedule it on the calendar. Showing him it matters and that you care. (You also need one!). 

Being married almost seven years and each year I am learning more about Josh and marriage. We aren't perfect, we do have quarrels, we have those moments we need to cool down but we make it a priority to fix it. mend it. communicate and to kiss and make up. That last part is important. 

"A LASTING MARRIAGE always begins with an enduring friendship."

This year I am making him a priority and goal. I want to be stronger ending 2015 together. 


  1. Beautiful post! So true! I feel the same ways about my hubby and our marriage. I followed your other sites too. :) Cindy from

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