Begin A Capsule Wardrobe

I have been quietly watching in the back of the room as bloggers I follow introduce me to capsule wardrobes. Jacey has been doing a great series on capsule wardrobes and Rachael just began hers recently. I am always inspired by these two women especially and loved what they had to say about capsule wardrobes.

I have been wanting to start one but never knew where to start. I am making it one of my goals next month to start the beginning of a capsule wardrobe and hope to work up to building quality, sensible items to my closet that don't go hiding or never worn.

A few small steps I have taken recently to begin are:

Sending a bag full of clothes to ThredUP.  
I had clothes that didn't fit since losing weight and also some I just never honestly wore more than once or twice because I didn't love it when I purchased it. That is one of the reasons I want to start a capsule wardrobe. To build up to items I will honestly love to wear and to find a variety of ways to wear them. (Use the link above to get $10 store credit).

Signing up on Twice
Twice is also like ThredUP. A secondhand online store of brand name clothing at affordable prices. I have been eyeing a few items on there to begin building my wardrobe and am excited to purchase them. (Use the link above to get $10 store credit and if you download the app afterwards you get another $10 credit when signing onto the app which equals $20 towards your first purchase!).

Organizing my closet. 
Slowly started this past week. One of the goals for February is to go through my closet and begin building a fall/winter, spring/summer wardrobe and to stash the latter in a box when it's not the season.

Purchasing simple, affordable shirts from Everlane 
I bought a simple, black shirt from their store right before Christmas and it honestly is the most comfy, cute shirt that goes well for simple errand runs out with the family or for a date night with Josh.

I am working towards this so I will LOVE everything in my closet, I will have a a variety of ways to make outfits with a few basic purchases and also it's budget friendly once done. As a mom of two busy boys I want to love what's in my closet and also to have it be long lasting is such a bonus.

The links above are referral links which help me to begin my capsule wardrobe while you do too! 

I'll be sharing more over the next few months as I begin but you can start by reading these posts:

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