Five Things on Friday

In Our Home This year we decided to begin reading from the Bible and not bible storybooks for night time reading before bed. So after dinner, clean up and wrestling two boys vs Josh we settle down with reading half a chapter or so in our latest book (Little House in the Big Woods) and Josh then will read from the Bible. It's turned out to be a more intimate experience for all of us. 

Reading I finished reading quite a few books already. You can check out my Goodreads where I keep a list of it all and I am also keeping track on Pinterest this year. I haven't picked my next book yet but I am leaning towards this one. A classic. 

Boy Quote of the Week While driving in the car last week (seems to be the most fitting place for all our family discussions) Ben suddenly says while looking up in the sky "When I was a baby, I was in heaven and God build me and I had my eyes open and I saw Him." Ben has truly stirred my heart with the many discussions he brings into our home. 

Awaiting This weekend we are visiting my brother and his wife in Richmond. I am excited to give them both a good hug and to catch up. I am also looking forward to our first monthly boy date next weekend. One of our goals this year is to spend more one on one time with the boys. So each month we will switch boys and spend a day outing together. 

Remembering this sound creative advice from leading women. Especially the first one and ninth one. 

What are you looking forward to this Friday? 

P.S. I spoke about a marriage goal on the blog this week if you missed it.