Five Things on Friday

In Our Home We enjoyed our first monthly family day this past weekend. We all enjoyed an afternoon out bowling and grabbing a bite to eat at our favorite sub place. It was the boys first trip to the bowling alley and they had so much fun. One of our goals this year was to do a monthly date with the boys, so some months it might be one on one and others will be a family day. 

Reading I started the life changing magic of tidying up with my sister in law. It has some interesting ideas and thoughts. I also am re-reading one thousand gifts with two girlfriends. A good reminder to keep a grateful list. On my own I am reading this. Josh and I started our second book together. We read love does last year (yes it took us a whole year) and we really enjoyed those nights to sit down, read, laugh and discuss the book and thoughts together. You can check out my list of books on Goodreads.

Boy Quote of the Week Whenever the boys are having a little conflict over toys Ian will come and say "Ben's not being peace." So now you know what word we use to remind the boys of what to have while playing together. 

Awaiting I am excited to catch up with a dear friend of mine this weekend for a little girl's night. It's nice to get dressed up, go out, chat and be refreshed. 

Remembering I have been listening to worship music during naptime while I read or write and this one is one to put on repeat. 

What's your favorite worship song?