Monday, January 5, 2015

Monday Inspiration for Moms

Today seems more of the first day of 2015 because it's a Monday, new and blooming.

Ready to tackle the week? 

I have a challenge this week for you. 

It's 2015! New beginnings, do-overs, becoming more relentless in a goal from 2014, rolling forward. One of my favorite things to do for the last few years is to make a visual board of goals and challenges for the New Year. Inspired by Lara Casey and her Powersheets, this is the perfect way to SEE what you want to accomplish and push for them. 

You can see mine here. I list my goals for the year and inspirational quotes to motivate me. It's a place to come to often to see a visual of what you are reaching for. If you are a visual person like me you will love this challenge.

Doing is better than Perfect. 

Set aside 30 minutes this week or a few minutes each day and write down a few goals for the year (or month!) and then set up your visual board. I would love to see yours when you are done! Comment below with your link and I will be sharing them all week with others. 

Happy Monday friends, now go and do!


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