Monday Inspiration for Moms

I truly love being able to stay at home with the boys currently. I do have future plans once we move to head back to school but right now, this is where I am supposed to be. 

It doesn't come easy sometimes though. 

But I know this is the good work that Jesus has placed me in. To be at home with the boys. There is one verse I, without fail, come back to. It is 1 Thess. 5:11. It says: 

"Encourage one another and build each other up."

You are the one shaping your children's lives. They are looking to you for love, praise and encouragement. Those "teachable" moments may be difficult to be consistent with but they are there to shape and mold your little one's life. 

Speaking life into them is so important- DAILY. 
Showing them love with your words and hands- DAILY. 
Praising them- DAILY. 

So open up your hands and ask Him to show you daily what words you should be speaking into each child. Build them up and encourage them to build their siblings up. Speaking life and kindness all starts in the home with each other so then soon they can go out and spread it to others around them. 

Bring some teachable moments into the home this week with speaking life. When they begin fighting over a toy- show them how to bring peace and kindness. When they say something hurtful- show them how to speak life instead. 

Trust me there are many moments to teach and you can show them how.