Friday, February 20, 2015

Five Things On Friday

In Our Home Our family had a little cold sweep through this past week and mine turned into a little bit of strep and losing my voice. Trying this remedy this weekend and getting lots of rest. My birthday is next month and turning 26 feels different but right. 

Reading A Little Salty to Cut the Sweet on my iPad along with this book with my sister in law. I also am going to dive into Fringe Hours again and I am picking up Make it Happen with the Influence Book Club for this month. 

Boy Quote of the Week During breakfast one morning..."Mom I think Ian is allergic to my bed." Ben says. "Why?" I ask. "because he was in my bed last night and he kept coughing." Ben replies. 

Awaiting Next weekend the boys have swim lessons starting up. It will be level 2 for Ben and Ian's first time in a class setting for lessons. It should be interesting to watch and learn how they respond to something new. 

Remembering a quote from Bob Goff- "Sometimes God lets us hope for a moment, so we'll retrace our steps and find Him all over again." Here is to a weekend of looking for Him in the littlest things and places as we step into Lent! 

Happy Friday! What are you looking forward to this weekend? 


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