Self Care for Moms, part one

I am a major encourager for women (especially moms) to make time for self care of the mind, body and spirit. It's a time to get refreshed, be encouraged, re-energized. It isn't selfish, guilt shouldn't follow.

You need to replenish and refresh, it's vital. One of my favorite phrases for self care that Hayley uses is calling it "mother yourself".

For this first part I want to share a certain product I use on my body, in my mouth and on my face. Yes, it's true. This can be used in all these areas.

I treat myself to a mini facial every night before bed with this while washing my face. 

Occasionally (not a total habit yet) I do a little oil pulling before I brush my teeth. 

Instead of shaving cream when shaving my legs, I use this and it leaves them smoother which is a bonus. 

Lathering it on post shower or bath and it leaves a nice clean, refreshing feel. 

I have done quite a number of hair treatments with this to grow and strengthen my post children hair. (I never knew there was such a thing)

It's a great makeup remover in the evening. 

These are the few ways I use it and this bottle has lasted me months so far. It's very affordable and can be purchased online, local grocery store or natural market. 

Some other uses for it are: 

While pregnant to prevent stretch marks. 

Rubbing on lips for a natural chapstick. 

As a replacement for vegetable oil when cooking. 

Adding to smoothies to increase energy. 

Mixing it together with Himalayan salt and applying to face as a facial scrub. 

You can also use it as a dry foot treatment with the mixture above. 

Sweet friend, I hope you know how much self care is important and this is one way to treat yourself! Mother yourself! Grab some this weekend and begin using it in your everyday getting ready and turn down before bed. Let me know what you think and how you use it.