Things I Learned in February

Decided to link up again this month with Emily on things I learned this past month.

Things I learned in February:

1. Grey's Anatomy can still make you cry. For real.

2. I really am enjoying to cook more now, being brave in the kitchen and experimenting with recipes. Trying a recipe from this cookbook next week. Tilapia in caper-tomato sauce. Now to go google capers.

3. Going to bed at 11 and waking up at 6:30 is becoming a habit I really enjoy and get excited about.

4. Frozen pipes can actually be a thing. Our kitchen pipes froze for about half a day. We put a blow dryer on them for almost two hours and viola- cured!

5. When I'm sick I have to have a box of tissues, water bottle and book close by- even if I don't end up using any of them.

6. Painting my nails a few nights a week is really relaxing and is a perfect self care tip for any mom.

7. I have to go driving in the snow. Even if I don't need anything. I love driving slowly around our little town while snow falls.

8. I learned about my oldest son's love language and it caught me by surprise.

9. Coconut oil can be used for many things.

10. All progress, growth and change starts with one risky first step. You are never too old to step out of your comfort zone into faith. @christinecaine

What did you learn in February?