Things I Learned in January

Along with sharing my goals this week I thought I would share and link up with Emily on things I learned in January. What better way to reflect and celebrate while sharing with you!

10 things I learned in January: 

1. Influence Network monthly newsletter is one of my favorites. Have you signed up yet to be a member? $10/month and a community of women to get to know. 

2. It was difficult to narrow down my 10 favorites books of 2014, but I did.

4. Having a lasting marriage goal consists of purpose, intention and focus. 

5. August is going to be a great month now since this book is coming.

6. I found out more about Ben's (my 5 year old) love language and how much he has grown. More to come this month. 

7. Starting a shop is scary and exciting and I can't rush the process. I might be pushing my open date back a little but it doesn't mean it's not happening, just reminding myself. 

8. I missed Grey's Anatomy and I'm so glad it is back. How about you? 

9. Wedding crashers like these would be awesome.  

10. I want to dance now, not in 20 years.

What did you learn in Janaury?