Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Launching a New Adventure

I am usually the one to stand back and cheer on those I love and those who products I truly believe in. Over the past few months I have felt a little nudge to branch off on my own and open a shop of my own. A place I could call my own (besides this place to write).

Soon after Ben was born in 2009 I realized some things needed to change in our home. We had a little space to call our home in a cottage on a farm. Every closet you opened in our home would be welcomed with countless items falling out. No joke. One room in our home then was honestly a junk room. Full of boxes and boxes of old clothes, items we never used and things we didn't need. It was beyond embarrassing.

When Ben was around six months old I slowly began making changes. I started doing a sweep from bottom to top. Starting with junk drawers (yes plural) in the kitchen. Then moving to the bathroom, master bedroom and so on. When we finally moved out of the cottage when Ian was 10 months old we had room still for boxes in the u-haul where as before we were lucky to close the door.

Josh and I began taking on this new adventure of Simple Living. We decided to collect moments not things. We began realizing we don't need more space- we need less stuff. 

It soon became a lifestyle and now it truly encompasses all that we do in our home. We are still learning but it is always an adventure and in our five year adventure we have learned so much. 

Live simply so that others may simply live.
Mother Teresa

I established the shop this past November and finally opened the doors TODAY! The shop will offer handmade items for your home and everyday use. 

Our signature item is our Sensible Cloth Napkins that can be used over and over again! More items will be added weekly and soon I will be offering sets of 6 and 8 sensible cloth napkins. Currently they are offered in a set of 4. Also if you spend $30 you get free shipping with the code found in the shop!

I am so excited to share this with you and can't wait to see it blossom into something that is truly loved by others as much as we love it in our home. Happy Wednesday friends!


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