March Goals

My favorite month of the year is here. I have many favorite months but this one is my 'birthday month'. I really like to soak it up, especially since I am the only girl in the house. I've been thinking on this quote I found on Pinterest...

do less with more focus

So that is my focus for March. More focus on less items. More focus on fewer things. Linking up with Hayley for goals with grace

A look back at February Goals:

  • make items for shop. I have a few more items to make but I made some headway here and am excited to begin listing them soon.
  • blog twice a week. I did this except for the one week I was sick with a bad cold. Felt so good to write and dig deep into the blog. 
  • Begin capsule wardrobe. I have bought some more staple items but it isn't done but that's okay, I plan on taking it slow and savoring it. 
  • Plan Josh's 30th for April. He has taken the day off of work and now to begin thinking of some ideas. 
  • monthly date and boy outing. We had our monthly date this past weekend but it was on the 1st of this month. We had meant to go on Valentine's weekend but we all had gotten sick. The boy outing was a mini date to the apple house and lunch after swim lessons. Worked out well and felt right. 
  • Break my goal weight. I DID it! Been working on this goal weight for months and I finally broke it! Now onto the next one. 
Here are my March Goals: 

  • OPEN the shop on March 11th. It's really happening this month!
  • Break another mini weight goal- exercising 4-5/week and increasing my water intake. 
  • Celebrate turning 26 well! Excited to be celebrating with one of my closest friends and our husbands. 
  • Boy Outing Not sure what the adventure this month will be but it will be awesome I'm sure!
I am going through the Powersheets from Lara Casey for 2015 and it has been good to reset each month and look at what worked and what didn't work. Along with those monthly goals I have my weekly goals which are:

  • Wake up at 6:30 having my own quiet time in the AM is so crucial for starting the day.
  • Working out this can happen in the morning or in the evening once the boys are in bed.
  • Grocery Shopping on Friday's we used to do grocery shopping on the weekends but the stores get a little busy for us since we make this a family thing, so meal plan, grocery list and shopping is a new Friday habit. 
  • Empty Laundry Baskets by Friday I love to dive into the weekends with rest and freedom, so clothes put away, dishes clean and our home open to activities and rest for the weekend is how it works for us.
This month should be good. The weather is going to start warming up and soon it will be time to plan my first garden for flowers and vegetables with the boys. Remembering this little pep talk from Lara Casey in my powersheets for March: 

You are brave, remarkable and ENOUGH. 

What goals do you have for March?