Friday, May 1, 2015

Five Things On a Friday

In Our Home Our garden is looking like it is slowly coming to life. Seeing little seedlings come to life. Beginning to wrap up the last few books in Ben's pre-k curriculum. Watching Dr. Quinn few nights a week with Josh. Soaking up the sun as much as we can at the park. 

Reading Currently reading through Daring Greatly and going to begin Still Alice this next week for my book club and our first book (I started one!). 

Boy Quote of the Week "I don't see spike on you (wrinkles). Only old people have spikes and then they go to heaven." Ben says while examining Josh's face and mine. 

Awaiting To begin making a quilt and finishing a blanket I am crocheting. To write more on here. Fun family weekends planned for May.  

Remembering The past seven years I have been married to Josh this month and all the laughter, joy, tears and 1AM talks. We've made 7 babe, here is to the next 70!! 


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