Five Things On a Friday

Mother's Day is this weekend. As a mom it's a day to be celebrated and a time to rally together and give each other a 'treat yo self' moment. For some it brings pain though. For those who have lost a child, mom or have tried and are trying to have a child of their own either by birth or adoption. 

So-if you know of a woman in your life who is one of those in pain would you send them a text this weekend, take them a sweet treat or even just a hug and silent prayer. Let them know they are loved and thought of. 

Sweet friend, if you are the one who is dreading Mother's day would you know I am right there with you? I lost my Mom almost 8 years ago this summer and not a day goes by that I don't think of calling her to tell her something funny, something encouraging or needing some wisdom. Just know if I could hold your hand this weekend I would. 

Treat yo self. Grab a drink during happy hour at Starbucks, head to the bookstore for some encouragement or inspiration from a book or just plain fun, or buy that shirt you've been eyeing. We all need a day to feed ourselves and be encouraged. Be cheerful and make yourself whole. Give yourself the best.

Get after it. "So I’ve been using that phrase a lot lately. Shooting text messages to the ones who can read, or yelling across the lawn to the ones who can’t. Get after it!" Rach knows how to dig deep and speak truth. 

Hard day of Motherhood? Take a deep breath, take a few minutes and read this and let Allie encourage you because she is right there too some days. 

Girl, get up and Run. One of my frequent moments of treating myself each day is working out. Some days it is running, most nights it is yoga. Find a goal you want to meet, write it down and go!