Running Guide for Moms

I have found a love for running over the past few years. At first it was struggle to find the right amount to accomplish so as not to distress my thyroid medicine and I finally found my rhythm.

I've found a way to be consistent and consistency was an area I struggled with as a teenager and newly married woman. I've found a pattern for running and working out that makes me feel excited, equipped and able.

It has also become an activity to do with my husband. A team effort to better ourselves. We don't try to run together the whole time. We start out together but sooner or later he is ready to push harder and quicker and I like to slowly work up to steady pace and stay there. But it's encouraging to know he is right there in the big circle we run at the park, close enough for support and a good gap to train on our own levels.

In the middle of the circle is a huge green space for the boys to run around, play soccer and explore together. It's become a training ground for them to know the boundaries and to play contently together.

So sweet friend, just know you can make it work for you. Grab a stroller, find a park, grab your husband or a friend for support and go! Let's keep ourselves healthy, fit and excited to be in pictures with our little ones.

Some tips for running:

Have support. Grab a friend or your spouse and have them run with you or have them be your cheerleader.

Upbeat music. I really enjoy running with some upbeat music and I even made a playlist for Running that includes: Kelly Clarkson, Mandisa, Sara Barielles, Robin Thicke, Cody Simpson and more.

Water on hand. Make sure to drink at least 8oz before you run and drink at least 16oz when you finish. You need to replenish and keep yourself hydrated. (Especially in the summer).

Set your own pace and length. If you can only do .30 of a mile the first time, it's okay! Find a pace you can do and set a goal of 2 minutes. Then work up from there.

Reward yourself. You need to stay motivated to build up your endurance and to keep with your running plan. A nice hot shower/bath when you finish or a nice cold smoothie.

Running App. Download a running app (I use Runkeeper). It helps you keep a record of your workout time, paces, calories burned, elevation and even a map of your run. It's a great motivator to try to beat the previous week's time.