Self Care for Moms, part two

I wrote back in this post about the beginning of self care for moms and how crucial it is. It's refreshing, replenishing and overall a perfect thing to put into practice for everyone.

Mother yourself with finding a hobby you really enjoy. Whether it be scrapbooking, painting, crocheting, sewing, reading, gardening and more. What do you really enjoy doing just for you?

It shouldn't be something you are doing to keep someone else happy or to even bring more stress into your home. It should be something you love doing and relax just thinking about it.

I have found I have a few hobby's that keep me feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. I really enjoy reading a book outside while catching some sun ray's. I enjoy digging in the dirt and making seedlings come to life. I love crocheting and watching a pattern become a blanket or dishcloth. These are a few of the ways I have self care become a habit.

What do you currently enjoy doing? Build on it. What excites you? Plant yourself there and do more of it. Pick up where you left off and live it out. Try something new for fun and see if it becomes something you love. Now find those moments to do them.

Here are a few ideas of when to practice self care with a hobby:

Nap time for the little ones. While they nap you leave the cleaning to the side and pick up your hobby.

Wake up half hour before everyone else. Give yourself a little time in the morning if you are an early bird.

After kids are in bed. Set aside half hour in the evening to do what you love, it could be a perfect time for your husband to also pick up what he loves to do also!

Weekends. Find a babysitter or have your husband take the little ones to the park or in the backyard and mother yourself!

I hope you find the time to do what you love and to have self care become a habit. I know I have found I feel more sufficient to mother my little ones when I have mothered myself.