Seven Years

I once was a shy, awkward, retainer wearing 12 year old who happened to have a major crush on a friend of my older brother's who was 16. We were in speech class and in the years to follow chess class so our paths crossed often. He was a boy with a great smile, warm caring heart, nice blond hair and just so cute. Yet he didn't know that I had a crush that seemed like a fairytale and hopeless because of a four year age gap. Flash forward now 14 years later and I am married to that boy who became a young man and when I turned 17 asked me out on a date.

God is good. He has a plan, one kept unseen many times but a plan that the curtain will slowly be pulled back in time. Now with seven years as a married couple I wonder why people say the honeymoon phase wears off, because it hasn't. The things that have changed are how deeper our conversations go, how much better we have become at communicating how bigger we dream together and how much our love grows for each other, our family and our passions.

Many times we know what the other is going to say in a conversation but there are times we are still finding something new about each other and we dig deeper, pressing on. He still makes me laugh until my sides hurt, we still do crazy adventures and he lets me choose the music in the car more often. We don't do honey do lists. We make a priority to do family activities together even if they are fixing things in the home or grocery shopping.

Celebrating seven years this weekend feels like a huge accomplishment and I think every year should be one that we high five each other and celebrate with many kisses and hand holding. We made it babe, let's go for 70 more.