The "Why" Behind Homeschooling

We are coming near the close of our Pre-k year and I realized I haven't written much about homeschooling. For a few reasons.

I am only just beginning so the only advice I have is for under 5 currently and the routines and rhythms we do (if you are interested in this let me know). 

We chose to homeschool and it doesn't mean we are haters of public it's just what we chose for our family. 

Josh was homeschooled from K-12 and I was homeschooled 6th and up. We come from different backgrounds but this is one of those that brought us together because it's how we first met, in homeschool classes.

When we began dating one of the discussions we had in the beginning was about homeschooling and each of our thoughts on it. I wanted to homeschool but I also am planning on going back to school and working part time in the next few years so I wanted it to be a team effort and not all placed on one person.

When it comes to curriculum we are taking it year by year and deciding what works and what doesn't. Currently we are using Rod and Staff and I plan on coming back to it in the First grade but since they don't have a Kindergarten plan we will make our own by mixing a few books from other curriculums.

We are also going to take it year by year once each of the boys is close to high school. Our current plan is to homeschool through elementary and middle.

If you are considering homeschooling here are a few encouraging words...

It will be hard but you CAN do it. 

We learn to do something by doing it. There is no other way. 

The beauty of homeschooling is it gives more family quality time to solidify relationships, communicate values and to focus on each child's individual needs in an unhurried atmosphere.

A good lesson I have learned in homeschooling is the past year I have tried 3 different books and programs to teach Ben to read. None of them would keep his attention and some would be leaving both him and I in tears sometimes.

I kept looking at the library and buying countless books to try and finally I stumbled upon Reading Eggs online one day and in less than two weeks he was reading. Now almost 3 months later he is reading books and full sentences!

This is just one reason I love homeschooling because I was able to cater it to his learning ability and what worked for both of us. He loves the program and now looks forward to reading each day.

So if you are thinking about homeschooling I can say from my experience that I love it, it isn't easy- it takes time and some organization but it can be done. Each homeschool family has a unique way to their school because each family and child learns in different ways. Just keep that in mind when you begin and find what rhythms work for you.