Change in Scenery

This space was empty for a little longer than I intended. You know that is true when I had drafts to talk about a summer bucket list and about our year round schooling and it is almost August.

We have had rollercoaster seasons in our lives before but the past few months have been full of the most excitement, a little fear and more joy than we can say in words for our family.

We made the leap and moved to the Raleigh area a week ago! This came after much prayer, talking and it only took one visit in June for us to fall in love with the area. Then we decided to take it bigger and ask God to move us soon. After months of not having a good work atmosphere at Josh's job his position was terminated and we received our answer almost two weeks after praying big. We both were surprisingly relieved and ready to move!

For most of July we were able to have a refresher and stay with my in laws while we transitioned to a new state, find a new job and new home. God had a plan all along and it actually was greater than we were expecting for his job and our new home.

Our little apartment is cute (pictures to come), the boys are loving the pool on these hot days and I am so grateful. We even found our local library the other day and picked up our first bag full of books.

I just want to encourage you to pray big and pray for the sun to stand still. Pray deep, dream big. It can happen with His plans and your feet moving forward.

I have some big dreams for this little space online and plan to share more on Monday. I can't wait to have a community here with each of you.