How To Keep A Simple, Clean Home With Kids

I posted this past week about how I never thought I could keep a clean home with kids, I thought it was going to be a lost cause. But I slowly over the years have found a schedule that is more of a rhythm that works for our home. I'm not saying you have to follow this but so many of you wanted to hear what our rhythm was and I am so encouraged to share it with you.

Each day I have four main rhythms:

Load of laundry (wash, dry, fold, put away)
Wipe counters and table 
Check the floors (especially our table since boys seem to like to drop crumbs) :)

Each day the boys follow their chore chart that I printed here:

Make Bed
Get Dressed 
One chore each day (help clean bathrooms, put dishes away, vacuum, etc)
Brush Teeth
Clean up room 

While I make lunch in the afternoon the boys clean up the family room and before bed each night they clean up their room. We also have been teaching them (and usually they do pretty well) if they are finished playing with a puzzle or legos to pick up after themselves. So then they know where to find it next time and also to treat their toys with respect and care.

During the week I have a rhythm that took a little getting used to but now flows with my day:

Monday- Clean bathrooms 
Tuesday- Dusting
Wednesday- Vacuum 
Thursday- Wash floors (I usually will do the bathroom floors, kitchen and entry way on this day)
Friday- Catching up (any laundry left to do, if I forgot to do the bathroom on Monday, deep clean kitchen, etc)
Saturday- Clean all sheets and towels

That is our simple rhythm and it has worked really well in our room and causes minimal stress wondering when something was last cleaned. I would love to hear what you do in your home!