Monday Inspiration for Moms

I started Monday Inspiration because Mondays should be celebrated and started with a little pep talk for the week ahead and not dismissed at 8AM as a doom day. So will you join me and share these inspirations with your friends?

This week:

When was the last time you came up for air? It seems we as moms tend to go-go-go but then forget. We need rest. We need to stop resisting the quiet, deep rests that our body and heart urge us toward when we feel we are running on empty. 

Jesus says "Come to me all who are weary...". He said all because he truly means all. All new mama's who are struggling with the 2am and 3am feedings. All the mama's of toddlers who wonder when the tantrums will end and the hard work they put in each day to shape their hearts will truly begin to show up. All the mama's who are gearing up for school and are weary just looking at the schedule ahead. 

So would you take a moment (or more like 10-20 minutes) this week and just rest. Let the littles play on the ground, let the bigger kids run outside or play in their room. Open up your Bible and read Ruth. Read and find these lessons in her story: Be confident with who you are. Be a woman of character.  

Don't resist or shut off from your husband, kids, home. First rest, then move forward and you might find you are reenergized. Just remember you have grace in bundles.