Dear Me: a new mama six years ago

     You just gave birth to your first son! Let's take a moment and soak that in. Stop trying to get up and get back to work and soak up these moments. Don't go to the store two days after you have him. Sit at home, hold him close and pop in some Netflix. Grab your Bible while breastfeeding and read it out loud. His Word is meant to be read aloud and not quietly.

Ask for help from your family and friends. Stop trying to do all the things. Ask your Aunt to spend the week with you, bonding with the baby and you. Don't jump right into the heaps of laundry and to-do list. Make a ta-da list! You breastfed him successfully! Yay. You were able to catch that shower the day after he was born, you go girl.

You are going to hit some postpartum depression, it's all going to be okay. Just keep communication open to your husband and friends. You will get through it. It is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of.

Your body has changed BUT good news- you created a human being. Let's sit on that for a minute. You might not fit right back into those pre baby jeans right away but you will..soon.

Buy yourself some nice nursing bras, you will need them. Trust me. Don't try to use your "normal" bras.

Your son is handsome, smart but boy is he going to push every button of yours for a few years. Push back until he learns to obey. He needs to learn to obey you if he is going to obey Jesus and future authority.

Keep going on those date nights each month. It is so good for you, your husband and the baby. Grab a hold of those fun moments to just laugh and forget the rest.

You are doing a good work mama, just know you are the perfect mom for your son even though you will question it every day for awhile. You are doing a good work and He put you there. Keep it up!

 What would you tell yourself as a brand new mom if you could?