Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Beauty in the Small Things

It's been quiet here for awhile. I have been struggling with what to write, who to write to and why. Sometimes I feel I have so many positive messages to share and then other times the page stares blankly back at me, almost taunting.

But I'm laying all of that aside and I am truly getting back to writing from the heart, writing for me. If you are still here- awesome :)

I love this space and wish sometimes it was back to a few short years ago before Twitter, Instagram, etc. Where you would go to your favorite blogs and check in with them. See what's going on and what they were up to or have to encourage you with this week.

So why not take it back to that? I love Instagram and the community that has formed over there but I miss the long posts (or even short posts) with pictures scattered about. Pictures that were slightly blurry or ones that showed beauty in the small things.

Just like this fall I made a before i blink and miss it post. I'm ready for those moments. Not as many "how to's" or anything. But just straight up talk or encouragement. Getting loud about the real things and nosy about the authentic motherhood that this space was made for.

Because let's face it- authentic motherhood is a real thing and we need to see more of it. So I hope you're ready to dig in with me and see this more.

I was hesitant about how to word it but then after much prayer and pondering the truth is the best way to say it. :)

It's going to look different here but in a good way.


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