Five Things I Love // Vol. 1

Taking a cue from Maggie Whitley to start noticing the small things I will be featuring a things I love post each month. If you haven't noticed with previous posts lately I am looking for those tiny moments, little pockets of sunshine and authenticity in each day. Would love to hear yours!

1. I am indulging in chocolate covered edamames from Trader Joe's lately. If you haven't grabbed yourself a packet do so on your next trip.

2. Putting books on hold at the library. It keeps me sane and our library time benefits so much more now. I pick up mine painlessly and spend the rest helping the boys pick out books.

3. Realizing after so many years I like a fully clean space on our table. Things could pile up in the bathroom counter of makeup, brushes, etc but our table needs to be free or I can't seem to concentrate. Weird? Maybe.

4. Are you on Periscope? I am but haven't "scoped" yet really. I love to follow some of my favorite people on there and lately the scopes I have caught are on point. Go grab the app and follow Jess Connolly, Life Lived Beautifully and Rach Kincaid. I can name so many more but these are my top three.

5. And to leave you with a quote I love lately-- "Quit letting fear call the shots. Get back to building the rocket ship that was supposed to be your life." 

embracing small things,