Monday Inspiration for Moms

I started Monday Inspiration because Mondays should be celebrated and started with a little pep talk for the week ahead and not dismissed at 8AM as a doom day. So will you join me and share these inspirations with your friends?

This week: 

I recently am starting to share more of my weight loss journey. One of the hardest things to find time for is exercise it seems. When do you work out? Morning? Afternoon? Evening? You can read so many articles about this is the best time to work out. But you know when the best time is? When you actually do it and complete it. Period. 

So for this week I am going to set a certain time as my deadline. The time I need to be complete and finished exercising. I am setting mine for lunch time. You can set yours for before the kids get home from school, or before the baby wakes up from one of his naps or before your husband gets home from work. Set a time. Keep it. GO!

My workouts consist of a mix of walking either outside or with walk at home videos and holy yoga. It's been a nice mixture and I love it because I always see results in strength and flexibility with it. 

I aim for 4-5 workouts a week but set how many works for you. I would love to hear what kind of workout you follow and your favorite times to sneak in a workout are! 

Let's keep our bodies moving friends, it's so healthy and it has so many benefits! A boosted attitude, less anxiety, sleeping better and so much more. 

walking with you this week,