Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Tips for Eating when Losing Weight

So I have been on a long journey of losing weight, wanting to give up many times but never have. I have recently come to realize it isn't only a journey of losing weight but of keeping my body healthy and active and maintaining a habit of being both of these.

I have shared a little bit on the blog about battling a thyroid disorder. The struggle for losing weight without a thyroid is so much harder. After being encouraged repeatedly by friends and my husband to share more about this journey I finally feel ready to. I have about 17 more to go and they might be the toughest, most stubborn to move but I will do it!!

I wanted to give some tips today for eating when losing weight that have helped me tremendously and I hope they give you some encouragement too :)

Eye your food first. 
What's on your plate? Do you have a good balance of protein, fats and veggies?

Use smaller plates and bowls
I have found this to help so much. You always naturally want to fill your plate up to eat, so don't grab your big dinner plates.

Have a glass of water before you eat and one with your meal
This will help so much with how much you eat and also keep you hydrated!

Prep lunch for the week 
I have recently taken to having a basic lunch consisting of either a wrap or a salad. I keep it simple and many ingredients I use go for both so it makes prepping easier! Have your salad washed and ready, find something crunchy to add (I use pine nuts), dice up some tomatoes and cucumbers, grab your favorite cheese (I use feta cheese), and either top it with tuna, chicken or turkey and viola! You have a salad or roll it up in a low carb tortilla and you have a wrap.

Prep snacks for the week
Snacks are what they mean, something quick to grab and eat. So make it easier to grab something healthy! Stock your fridge with string cheese, carrots (with a little dressing), apples, cheese cut up (for cheese and crackers) and some nuts in the pantry to grab and go.

Reward yourself
If you can't give up sweets, break it down to two pieces of dark chocolate in the evening for dessert. Such a treat and will curb the sweet tooth! Grab some strawberries to eat with it too and you have a perfectly healthy dessert.

Those are the main tips that have helped me with eating while on the journey to lose weight, would love to hear your tips!!


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